The World's ONLY Mothman Museum

See the largest collection of props and memorabilia from the movie "The Mothman Prophecies"--in the town where the Mothman sightings and encounters actually occurred.  Read rare historical documents from the Mothman eyewitnesses themselves, documenting what they experienced that fateful night on November 15, 1966.  See rare historical press clippings and photographs of the Silver Bridge disaster.  Learn more about the historical figureheads of the Mothman legacy like John Keel, Mary Hyre, & the Scarberry & Mallete eyewitnesses. There is plenty here to be discovered.  Research and uncover the truth for yourself


While you are visiting you will discover all of this & more: 

  • Rare archives all about Mothman & the mysterious happenings that occurred in Point Pleasant in 1966 & 1967.  
  • Original press clippings & video footage of the Silver Bridge disaster, UFO activity, & Mothman articles.
  • Our Merchandise Store filled with Mothman souvenirs (T-shirts, hoodies, novelties, carrying bags, books, Mothman Energy drink, stickers, buttons, and more).  Basically everything Mothman! 
  • Rare handwritten police reports from the original Mothman eyewitnesses documenting what they experienced.  
  • Mothman Prophecies prop collection used in the film. 
  • Lifelike costume/replica (perfect for photo opps).  
  • Located right next to the famous Mothman Statue
  • "Search for the Mothman" Documentary
  • Exhibits on John Keel, Mary Hyre, the Silver Bridge, & the Men In Black.

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